Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Get well soon!

Sometimes a photo of a class handwritten card can speak a thousand words. When my Instructional Assistant was ill and couldn't come to class, I decided to give students an opportunity to send a group message to their well-loved co-teacher Auriel. I started the writing by drawing a giant heart on the class whiteboard and writing Auriel's name and a brief message. About half the class participated by writing their own English messages and showed that they knew something of our shorthand way of communicating with a bunch of 'xoxo's. A few students signed their names, too.

There were only two misspellings: 'helthy' and 'healthe.'  The expression 'Stay helthy' also didn't quite make sense because the instructor was sick.  Notice the use of 'Get better' - 'Get well soon' (repeat) - 'I hope good healthe for you' and 'I miss u so much, Miss you, Come back soon, I hope you feel well.

Instagram, sort of!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why Spelling Matters

Sometimes it is hard to impress on non-native speakers of English why spelling matters. To understand the humor found in these misspelled signs, if you are an intermediate level English language learner, you may need a native speaker of English to explain. Beware, however, that sometimes explaining what is funny destroys the fun.

Buzzfeed from a few years ago gets complete credit for finding these amusing signs.  This link will take you there to view several photos. Whenever you travel and you see signs that you suspect are written in English or a mixture of English and the local language, snap a photo and discuss your understanding of the sign with a fellow English speaker. You can learn a lot of language this way.  This is funny English and dangerous English.

Remember: Spelling counts!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

"P" is for Park

How many meanings of park do you know? City, Regional, State, National Park.  Park your car in the parking lot between the white lines.  Park your hate here. Park is also a common Korean name (according to Wikipedia, the third most common name).

Palomar Mountain State Park
Parking Lot in Grand Teton National Park