Thursday, August 13, 2015

"H" is for Head

A Head of Lettuce

A head (noun - counter) of lettuce/cabbage
  • You are having a party and have asked your roommate to pick up some lettuce on the way back to the apartment. You need at least two "lettuces."  Hmmm… That doesn't sound right, does it? What you need are two heads of lettuce, not just one.  You've invited eight people, plus your roommate and yourself, so you're going to need more than one head of lettuce.

Head (verb) to the park/supermarket
  • "Where are you headed?" your friend asks as you stride quickly down the hallway. "I'm late for my chem class," you say. So, what does "head" mean in this context? 
Head (verb) - to be in control of a company, to lead a group 
  • Tim Cook has headed Apple since Steve Jobs passed away.
The head (noun) of a company - the CEO, the boss

Inside one's head (noun) is a brain - the head of a dragon sculpture in Anza Borrego Desert State Park

You can find a whole page worth of meanings and uses of head online with the Free Dictionary

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